Valoiz Boyz crew started in 1986 with Ethan Davidson, Steve Townsend, Mike Shredder" Townsend, Barry Walsh, Marc Tison, Paul "Guv" McGovern, Derek "Mook" Mackenzie, Derek "Bill Taco" Goodison and Dave Caron.  Back in the 80's, Skateboarders made "teams" to show their allegiance and to show where they came from.  Much like the old Dogtown and Z-Boys and the Bones Brigade, the Valoiz Boyz formed a team and started tearing-up the streets of Montreal.

We all grew-up in Valois Bay, Pointe Claire, Montreal, QC.  Being the way we are we changed the S to a Z and the name Valoiz Boyz was born.  Valoiz used to be cottage country for the people that lived in Montreal.  If you look at the map you can see that there is a perfect half circle bay there, perfect for summer activities on the water.  Seasonal cottages were built in the early 1960's which eventually became permanent residences.  The word "Valois" from the dictionary as a Noun is said to mean a "French royal house from 1328 to 1589".

Way back in the 80s the Valoiz boyz were seen skateboarding all around the West Island of Montreal.  We would use public transportation to go to the further spots but mostly we skated everywhere to get to our destination.  This was the time of Launch Ramps and bank skating.  Street skating was in its very early stages and ramps were the main thing to ride.  We built all kinds of ramps back then, and we even got the gym teacher in our high school to store a launch ramp in the storage room of the gym.  Every lunch hour we would ride that ramp either as a launch ramp doing airs or we would put it up against the wall and do wall-rides to flat.

Every summer Since 2006 when ShazamFest started, Mike Townsend has been living in his a cabin underneath the ramp. Making the Shazam Ramp bigger and better for each season. Mike Designed it and every Summer the Valoiz Boyz help out with the ramp one way or another. The Valoiz Boyz have a Shazam Video of skateboarding on the ramp, and another one on the way. The Shazam ramp, and the whole grounds is a place dear to every Valoiz Boy.

Today the Valoiz Boyz are all in their late thirties and early forties and still skateboard.


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Valoiz Boyz & Shazam

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