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On the festival site there is access to:
  • free potable water - Please do not bring any single use water bottles on site.
  • a river to swim and soak in
  • an ATM
  • 3 different food vendors
  • The bar
  • 4 stages: Shazam main stage, the Bar, the Temple &  the Amphitheatre
  • Slip and Slide
  • KidZone - Kids activities
  • FamFood - Food for kids & Volunteers
  • Vendors kiosks
Sentier ShazamFest
Camping ShazamFest
You will need ....
  • reusable water bottle. Please do not bring any single use water bottles on site.
  • reusable cup for drinks
  • Swimsuit (optional)
  • tent
  • sleeping bag and matress
  • folding chairs
  • your beautiful smile & good intentions
  • Please no GLASS or ANIMALS


Access to the site is granted to holders of the official bracelet of the year. It is neither exchangeable nor refundable. Any bracelet cut, damaged or showing any alteration automatically becomes invalid. By wearing the bracelet, you accept the rules and conditions of this page, it is your responsibility to read them before arriving at the festival. In case of violation of the conditions of access to the festival, the organizers have the right to expel you from the site. In the event of serious violations, legal action could be taken.

​LOCATION - ShazamFest

2722 ch. of Way's Mills, Barnston-Ouest, Quebec J0B 1C0 


Want to get involved in ShazamFest 2023? Here are the forms to fill out.


Do uou want to be part of ShazamFest and take part in the governance. You want to support arts, culture and community.

Become a MEMBAZAM!




Visit our KidzZone for more info


Several food kiosks will be on site!


Alcohol on sale for 18+
Personal alcoholic beverages are permitted only in the camping area.

Glass bottles are prohibited on the entire site.


If you come to the festival with your vehicle, think ecologically by offering rides to follow Shazamaly members. Check out the carpooling on our page Facebook  provided for this purpose.


Parking is free for all weekend passport holders. Otherwise it's $15 per car.


Fire are permited only in the communal fire pits at your disposal.
It is forbidden to make individual fires.

It is forbidden to bring or use pyrotechnic products to the festival (fireworks).


It is illegal to sell or consume any illicit substance. Taking illegal substances is dangerous and can produce unpredictable effects that could ruin your festival. Be careful and whatever you do, never consume products that are unknown to you. Stay high life instead!


You agree that your image may be used by ShazamFest in the form of photos or videos taken at the festival premises and that these recordings may be made public without any further authorization from you.


Animals are not allowed at the festival. (Dogs + lots of small children + food = too much risk for us)


- We recommend good warm clothes and sleeping bag for the night.

- Respect nature, do not destroy it and throw your garbage at the sorting stations.

- It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts on the ground!
- It is forbidden to sell or advertise on the site without the permission of the organization.
- No alcohol will be served to people under the age of 18 or to people considered intoxicated.
- The organizers are not responsible for loss or theft.
- The festival will take place regardless of weather conditions.
- The organization reserves the right to make changes to the programming at any time.

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